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Below are just a few of the many testimonials of our satisfied clients!

Alberto S. Campbell

FINANCIAL CONNEXIONS really did a great job at guiding and assisting me with my equity release process at Stonehaven. They were by my side every step of the way and made sure that all my questions and concerns were answered promptly and efficiently.

Elva M. Villanueva

I remember the first time I sat down with an advisor of FINANCIAL CONNEXIONS. I could not decide if I wanted to go for the equity release schemes offered by Aviva or New Life but this advisor was so skilled in the advice that he gave to me that I immediately knew which provider to choose.

Nathan N. McNeil

A lot of in-depth and relevant information regarding some of the best equity release providers is offered on this site so if you are not sure which provider is the best for you, this is definitely the place to be.